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Virtual World Congress of Dental Students 2020

Congress is starting again this year after a 2-year pause and it will take place on May 20-22, 2020. The main idea behind this project is to give everyone a chance to participate, no matter where in the world they are. There is also no participation fee and everything is happening online = virtually.  We are very proud of this project as it brings dental students and doctors together and encourages new scientific researches. The applications are open until February 15, 2020, and for the first round students need to submit their abstracts and later on the full paper which goes to 3 stages of reviews (first stage: the OC, second stage Croatian professors, and the third stage international reviewers). On the day of Congress, the participants share their paper in a presentation to the reviewers and other participants. 

Participants need to apply here.

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Past Events: Virtual World Congress of Dental Students

Virtual World Congress of Dental Students is a project launched by the Croatian dental students’ association in 2010 as a part of its international activities. The main idea behind this project is to give every dental student, even those who perhaps would not be able to attend traditional congresses or meetings due to distance or cost, a chance to present their scientific paper and hear about the latest trends in dentistry. Also, this project was launched with the ambition to encourage students to take part in research activities or to conduct their own research, along with increasing global connection among dental students all over the world. The congress is free of charge and students can participate by presenting their research or just listening to their colleagues and guest lecturers. The congress is held over three days and students can attend the congress via their computer with an internet connection. 


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