Today it has become a necessity for organizations to work more in partnerships since it is the best way to improve the quality of work and to achieve the set goal. It is the same case with EDSA. Being in contact with various organizations, active in the field of biomedicine, education, and advocacy strengthens our position when representing interests of dental students all around Europe. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance for EDSA to link up with different professionals organizations, as well as student associations. That’s why our representatives attend various congresses, meetings and trainings, making others aware of EDSA and our work. We also invite external speakers and different organization representatives to take part in our General Assemblies and offer us advice, suggestions, and guidance for our projects. At this moment we have established collaboration with: ADEE, CED, ESCD, IADS, IFMSA, EMSA, and EPSA. Our recognition by these partner organizations gives us also a certain form of credibility as an organization. Other than it shows that our work is appreciated and considered important, it also gives us the right to speak and raise issues in high-level meetings.


The Association for Dental Education in Europe is an independent European organisation representing academic dentistry and the community of dental educators. Back in 1997 EDSA and ADEE agreed in principle to collaborate. Both organizations were of the opinion that future success and advancements in teaching philosophy were only achievable through mutual interest and involvement from both students and educators. ADEE values greatly the opinions of EDSA representatives with regards to all areas of dental education. It is our wish that this partnership will continue to move forward and prosper for many years to come.



The Council of European Dentists (CED) is a European non-profit association which monitors EU political and legislative developments which have an impact on the dental profession and issues policy statements and drafts amendments to proposed EU legislation so as to ensure that the views of European dentists are reflected in all EU decisions affecting them. CED also provides expertise for the EU institutions in the areas of health and consumer protection, training, safety at the workplace and internal market legislation. So, have you ever, as a dental student, wondered which laws regulate the dental profession in Europe or want to move to another country? CED has the answers.



The European Regional Organization of the FDI World Dental Federation is a non-profit association established in accordance with the FDI Constitution. The FDI-ERO have many objective including to develop policies, reports, and resolutions for submission to the FDI and to represent and promote the interests of dentists in professional, political and health issues.


The Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future (ACFF) is a group of experts who have joined together with a common goal of moving towards a Cavity-Free Future for all age groups. The ACFF works with countries to build on existing initiatives with a new understanding of caries as a disease continuum and to adopt comprehensive strategies for caries prevention and management.


The Make Sense Campaign

The Make Sense campaign aims to raise awareness of head and neck cancer and ultimately improve outcomes for patients with the disease. Collaborating with the Make Sense Campaign is the perfect opportunity for us to help expand our awareness and prevention projects.

The Platform for Better Oral Health in Europe
The Platform for Better Oral Health in Europe aims to encourage oral health and prevention of oral diseases, to address oral health inequalities and challenges, to enhance the EU's oral health policy and make sure that action is taken on oral health in the EU.



The International Association of Dental Students was formed to unite the dental students of the world. It is a very close EDSA partner association with which we collaborate for a long time. EDSA and IADS share similar opinions on that every dental student should go outside his ‘study’ space, improve personality and learn how to deal with different people. Since there would be no chance to do so without organizations like these, both of them are structured in a way that can offer something to everyone. One can get engaged in different projects such as volunteer work, research, and exchanges. 2nd April is our friendship day.



The European Pharmaceutical Students' Association (EPSA) exists to develop the interests and opinions of European Pharmacy Students and to encourage contact and cooperation between them. We have started a collaboration with EPSA just recently but hope to take it to a higher level by writing joint papers, organizing joint webinars and even possibly joint public health campaigns.



EMSA (European Medical Students' Association) is based on students organisations on the level of Medical Faculties -right now we have 100+ of such Local Faculty Organisations (FMO). If you and your team of fellow students want to join the EMSA Network, you and all your colleagues from your local students organisation will get access to all EMSA resources, like handbooks, newsletters, you will be able to join all EMSA European events, participate in projects such our famous Twinning Project and your FMO will get two votings right at the EMSA general assembly. Students from your FMO will be able to candidate for all EMSA Positions.



Young Dentists Worldwide's (YDW) principal aim is to provide networking for young dentists around the world.


The European Federation of Psychology Students’ Associations (EFPSA)  represents a highly diverse network of psychology students working on a voluntary basis and for psychology students of Europe. The Federation currently consists of 33 psychology Member Organisations and two Observer Organisations.

Stimulated by its mission, vision, and values, EFPSA continues to expand its presence and visibility within student communities, refine its activities and develop an unrivaled portfolio of opportunities and membership for European psychology students.



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