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The Mobility Project is an Exchange Programme that allows students to visit other dental faculties in foreign countries for a couple of days or weeks with an educational purpose allowing students to get a brief insight into other dental faculties and build new friendships.

The Mobility Projects that EDSA is offering are European Visiting Programme (EVP), Winter Camps and Summer Camps. For more information about organising the Mobility project, we have made a Mobility Project Starter Pack. It consists of Mobility project guidelines and other important documents. The guidelines you can find here on our website (see PDF below) and if you are interested in more information contact us at

Mobility project guidelines:

European Visiting Programme (EVP) 

The European Visiting Programme (EVP) allows students to visit other dental faculties in foreign countries for a couple of days or weeks with an educational purpose. Hosting dental schools set up a programme for foreign students which includes visits to the various departments of the university, sightseeing and a social programme.

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Summer Camps

Our summer camps are the ideal place to bond, enjoy, learn and relax. We feel that the connection between students during summertime is absolutely mandatory, as people can see the relaxed and fun sides of each other, away from all of the stress students face during their studies. These are camps organized by students for students. Because who can understand our needs better than our “own kind”.

The educational side of summer camps offers students various workshops, lectures and exploring education systems in foreign countries. Summer camps offer a perfect combination of fun, friendship, education and networking.

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Winter Camps

Looking for a fun winter vacation? Our winter camps are a perfect combination of fun and dentistry. They offer a great opportunity to exchange experience in various aspects of dental care  using magnification and discuss the most important topics in dentistry. The idea is to bring together dental students in an international winter camp to generate discussion and understanding across the dental healthcare field and to develop interdisciplinary skills and awareness of concepts in multidisciplinary and multicultural dental healthcare.

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