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Leading dental equipment manufacturer Hu-Friedy develops and produces hand instruments, scalers and hygiene products. The range contains over 10,000 products sold in more than 80 countries worldwide. These high-quality items have a reputation for performance, precision and durability. This global business, based in Chicago, was founded 111 years ago. Other sites are located in Frankfurt, Milan, Shanghai, Tokyo and Tuttlingen in Germany.

Our Mission

Hu-Friedy's mission is the same today as it has always been - to help Dental Professionals to perform at their best ensuring we improve lives by advancing dental performance… smile after smile.

Our Values

  • As a company and a customer partner, we believe in supporting our products with world class services, support, education, and peer communities, helping dental professionals perform at their best.

Our Offer

  • Our 10,000 dental instruments and products are distributed worldwide, including the United States, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. Today, Hu-Friedy employs over 700 talented and committed specialists, with more than 300 artisans who handcraft our instruments every day.

  • Our manufacturing specialists complete 80% of the production process by hand.

Global Player

  • Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, where our production facilities are located, we operate through distribution centers in Des Plaines (Illinois), Shanghai and Tuttlingen (Germany), which is where our EMEA Technical Care Center is located.

  • Satellite offices in Japan, Germany, China and Italy are representative of our commitment to maintaining a global presence.

In Hu-Friedy we believe the university world represents the future of the dental sector. That's why we have created our dedicated Hu-Friedy University Program, developed to establish a direct connection between students, Universities, Institutions and our Company.

Our main goal is to promote a high level of support for students and faculties providing them with innovative products and solutions throughout their careers.

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Headquartered in Lucerne (Switzerland) Curaden AG is taking over the world with innovative oral care products and solutions. Our company, which oral health brand is CURAPROX, is present in over 75 countries on all five continents.

Working with dental professionals in teaching, research and practice since 1972, our brand CURAPROX has been a synonym for oral health tools that are as gentle, effective and save as they can get.

As a company, we envision a healthier world. A world where passionate dental professionals, savvy consumers, and effective products work hand in hand towards good oral health. 

A world where good oral health contributes to overall happiness and wellbeing. Our core message ‘better health for you’ is based on three findings:

  • Good oral hygiene can be encouraged and taught. It’s a matter of having the right knowledge, skills and dedication.

  • The most common diseases of the mouth can be prevented through correct oral hygiene practices. A clean tooth simply doesn’t get sick. 

  • Numerous studies have shown a link between oral health and general health. A healthy mouth can help prevent diabetes, stroke and lung infections.


These principles along with prophylaxis - the preservation of oral health - are the essence of everything that we do.


To sum it up: «Ore Sano Homo Sanus» - a healthy mouth equals a healthy body and mind.


This is why Curaden advocates better health for YOU.

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Established in Badia Polesine in 1981, Zhermack has been part of Dentsply Sirona since 2009. Zhermack is worldwide known for its products for Dental solutions for the practice and for the laboratory.

Within the Group, Zhermack is a centre of excellence in the production of silicones and alginates for impression-taking.
With a history of more than 130 years of innovation behind it, Dentsply Sirona is the world’s largest
manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies. Being part of a Group like this affords many shared synergies, for example in procurement, production, business relations, regulatory affairs.
Zhermack shares also DS values, which are at the basis of the working daily life: respect, accountability,reactivity, trustworthiness and collaboration. As a brand, Zhermack is also inspired by other 4 important values: accessibility, substance, synamism, creativity.
At Zhermack, education is considered a priority; that’s why it outstands for partnership programs with Universities and Opinion Leaders, educational paths with International Dental Associations, Sales and technical trainings. Recently, a new repository of clinical contents (ZEdu Hub) was shaped to support and enhance knowledge of any dental professional who wants to stay update from an educational point of view.
Last, but not least, Zhermack has also developed solutions for the industrial and wellbeing sector,
leveraging on the raw materials produced within the facilities. In fact, the site is equipped to synthesise polymers, catalysts and cross-linking agents. This enables Zhermack to act directly on the properties of the starting materials and semi-finished products.

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GERL - Our Climate Sponsor


GERL is an organization based in Germany for more than a hundred year and they have an important goal since the day they started. To make the world a better place!
They are working by "CO2 NEUTRAL" policy and their goal is to protect the world,the untouched forests; reduce our carbon footprints and leave a better world behind for the next generations.
Together in the future!

Would you like to partner with EDSA?

Please contact us at to learn more about the association and view our corporate partners portfolio.

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