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Our research projects aim to engage more students with science so that prevention and treatment of oral and craniofacial diseases continues to evolve.

If you are looking for support for your learning or want to get in touch with other students, interested in the same, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will provide help with searching for valuable articles and useful materials.

Research Update

Stay up to date with the latest dental research by signing up to our research newsletter which collates the most interesting articles published within the last two months.


Lecture Competition

The purpose of the EDSA Lecture Competition is to showcase your research project  and give an opportunity to present it at an international meeting. 

The competition invites dental students and young dentists of the top 10 abstracts submitted to give a short presentation at our biannual Meetings.

To read our guideline and  enter the Competition, please click here.

Lecture Competition Spring 2021:

1st place: Barabara Gronwald

2nd place: Christa Şerban

Book of abstracts

Lecture Competition Summer 2021



1st place: Brian Maloney

Book of abstracts

Giving a Lecture

Student Research Award (in collaboration with Meisinger)

Are you interested in research, international collaboration, and work on scientific projects?

This project, launched in 2020, aims to bring together students from around Europe to work together on a shared research project and present it at one of our biannual EDSA meetings.

Laboratory Scientist

Research Summer Camp (COMING SOON)

We also work on developing an EDSA Research Summer Camp (RSC). This would be a place for learning, creating ideas, networking and socializing between young and prospective scientists with established ones. The opportunity for students to learn new techniques in research and to establish professional relations with other students and researchers around Europe. Hosting dental schools would set up a programme for foreign students with lectures and workshops, sightseeing and a social program.

The aim of the RSC is not only scientific but also cultural. Nothing broadens the horizons as traveling does, getting to know more about different cultures, lifestyles, and religions, gives you an appreciation for what you have and what others might need.

​Stay tuned for more information about the project.

Summer Movie Night
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