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Behaviour Change Support Education in Chronic Diseases - Click here to join us.

EDSA Publication - European Journal of Dental Education - Click here to read.

Advocacy Action Group - Click here to read.

Global Support for Turkiye and Syria by FDI - Click here to donate.

EDSA Alumni Network Manifesto - Click here to read.
EDSA's Volunteer Throwback Webinar - Click here to watch.

EDSA Survey Group Outlines - Click here to join.

EDSA Meeting Guidelines - interested in organising a future EDSA Meeting? Learn more here. 

EDSA Mobility Project Guidelines - want to organise a Mobility Project in your city? Learn more here.

Mental Health Documentary - Your mental health is a priority for the European Healthcare Students' Association (EHSAS)! Check out this project that EDSA proudly contributed to. 

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