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Meet The Team


Board of Directors

Responsible for the overall running of the organisation


Deniz Naz white background_edited_edited

Deniz Naz Bilgiç


Responsible for the overall functioning of the association and its external representation.


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Max Walsh


Oversees the financial affairs of the association on a day-to-day basis, managing cash flow and recording each transaction in a fiscal document to be presented at the

end of the financial year.

Vice President of Internal Affairs

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Ezgi Yeşiltan


Responsible for the management of the communications between Official National Delegates and the Executive, communicating with prospective EDSA members, and supervising EDSA projects that are focused on internal matters (capacity building, continuity, etc.)




Saulė Skinkytė

Responsible for creating content and publishing it on EDSA social media platforms.

General Secretary

Charlotte white background.png

Charlotte Carter


Ensures our regular meetings are effectively organised and documented, takes accurate minutes of the meetings, prepares reports, and handles correspondence.

Vice President of External Affairs


Ivan Demyanov


Responsible for representing EDSA at other organisations’ and associations’ meetings and conferences, maintaining communication and relations with external organisations and associations. 

Vice President for Public Relations

unnamed (3)_edited.jpg

Joshua Kennedy


Responsible for managing EDSA public relations, publishing EDSA Magazine, EDSA newsletters and research updates, and the official EDSA website.



 Lead EDSA projects including Research activities, Policymaking and our popular European Visiting Programme

Policy Officer

Yiannis Pistolas


Leads policy projects and policy teams.

Research Officer

Marija Diković


Leads research projects and prepares content for EDSA Research Updates.

Prevention Officer

Lilly Ivanova


Leads prevention projects and organises prevention campaigns.

Mobility Officer

Ege Doruk Kökten


Training Officer​

Matija Borovac

image_50736641 (1)photoAid-removed-backg

Leads training projects and organises training sessions at EDSA events.

Volunteer Work Officer

Ines Bouillaud


Supervisory Board

Responsible for overseeing decisions made by the organisation and enforcing the constitution and regulations. 


Marta Adam

Deniz_white background_edited_edited.png

Deniz Özkuyucu

Marcel Paľovčík Circle.png

Marcel Paľovčík

Previous Team Members

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