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Membership Types

The European Dental Students' Association has the following categories of members:​
Full Membership
Full members are national dental students' organizations, local dental students’ organizations and local dental schools within the European region (defined as those countries included in the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe) complying to one of the following conditions:
  • a national association of dental students, which collectively represent the majority of dental students of the local associations at schools or faculties in a country;
  • an organization representing a minority of dental students in a country in which no national dental organization exists, or where a larger national dental students' association in the country does not want to affiliate to the association; or
  • local dental students’ organizations in countries where no national dental students association exists. These individual local dental students’ organizations are allowed to collectively apply to the association.
Alumni Membership
Alumni can be individuals who have been actively involved with the association, to ensure contact with the association. The alumni network is a platform engaged in the association’s work, to help understand the association’s past, present and future, and is therefore considered part of the association. Join us today using this link.
Honorary Lifetime Membership
Honorary lifetime members are former members of the association, or other individuals who have been of exceptional and exemplary service to the association.
Membership Types

To apply for EDSA Full Membership certain requirements need to be met:

​​Application for membership shall be made in writing by an official of the applicant organisation to the Vice-President of Internal Affairs of EDSA not less than two weeks prior to the General Meeting at which the application is to be considered.


Applicants for membership should send to ​

  1. A letter of intent signed by the students’ representative,

  2. A certified statement by the president of the association confirming that the organisation meets the requirements of Article 6 of the Constitution,

  3. A current copy of internal policy documents, such as a Constitution, of the applicant’s organisation in English,

  4. Applications for full membership as defined in Article 6 of the Constitution must also present the provided statement signed by the presidents of all the local organisations they claim to represent.


If all requirements are met, a representative of the applicant organisation shall present their application at the next General Meeting and admittance will rely on gaining a majority vote from the General Meeting. Applications are generally presented on the first day of a General Meeting (Monday).

Further information can be found within our Rules of Procedure and Constitution

If you are interested in becoming a member of the EDSA or require more information, please contact the Vice-President of Internal Affairs.


Become a Member
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