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Sponsored talks

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Dr Gary Finelle

Universite Paris 7, Garancière

Postgraduate of Oral Implantology, Harvard School of Dental Medicine
Visiting Assistant Professor, Harvard School of Dental Medicine (Implant Program)
ITI Fellow ( International Team for Implantology)
Private practictioner (Implant and Esthetics)

SSA concept, a biologically driven strategy for immediate implant placement in molar sites

More than 60% of the tooth involve 1st molar replacement. As of now, very few publications are addressing optimized clinical protocols and predictability of the overall treatment for this highly implanted region. In this perspective, the use of an anatomical healing abutment after immediate implant placement for molar sites have the potential to improve treatment workflow from a surgical as well as prosthetic standpoint resulting in soft tissue stability and esthetic achievement. This, so-called SSA concept (Sealing Socket Abutment), offers a predictable and biologically oriented solution to protect wound closure maintain blood clot and provide mechanical support for tissue stabilization during the healing time. Additionally, It provides minimally invasive approach and significantly reduces the conventional overall treatment length.

This Online webinar will discuss:
- Biological rationale under the Customized healing abutment
- Modern and up-to-date treatment strategies through SSA Concept
- Step by step clinical workflow in 3 appointments
- Current ongoing research and publications from cases treated with 5 years follow up
- Upcoming industrial Innovation

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