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Interactive session with IAP probe & IDBs (interdental brushes) at the 67th EDSA Spring Online Meeting. Speaker: Theodora Little (RDH)

About this Event

You can influence not only your patients but the future of dentistry itself, by adapting how you see, feel and treat prevention. Now more than ever prevention is being perceived as what it always should have been - True wealth is health. This is an opportunity to treat our patients with tools that aid in supporting them and us towards a positive change towards oral health. Implementing daily habits has never been easier, and such fun! Come join BOB and I to rewrite prevention History!



  1. Gain confidence and competence in demonstrating and communicating prevention with your patients.

  2. Learn why behaviour change techniques & tools should become an integral part of your treatment, inside and outside of the University.

  3. In-depth understanding of how to use interdental brushes effectively and a-traumatically.



  1. Be part of creating a future where prevention is a priority.

  2. Implement behaviour change techniques & tools for your patients.

  3. Become the dental professional who stands out from the crowd and is known as a game-changer in their profession!

Free product samples will be shipped to your home before the session!

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