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Council of European Dentists Intern 2019/20

The CED-EDSA internship is a 9-month work experience in Brussels. The position was established in 2019 and provides a crucial link between the Council of European Dentists and the European Dental Students Association, facilitating close collaboration of the two organisations 


CED Intern

Daniela Timuș


Council of European Dentists


The Council of European Dentists (CED) is a European not-for-profit association which represents over 340,000 dentists across Europe. 

The CED concentrates its activities on promoting high standards of oral health and aims to contribute to safeguarding the protection of public health by actively lobbying the European Institutions.

Having the expertise in areas of paramount importance for dental health, the CED advocates through its policy statements and drafts amendments to proposed EU legislation so as to ensure that the views of European dentists and patients’ needs are reflected in all EU decisions regarding oral health.


In 2019, the CED welcomed the first CED-EDSA intern in the Brussels Office.


The intern is involved in various aspects of CED work, including activities of Working Groups and Task Forces, communication activities and administrative tasks. For the past months, the work focused mainly on the update of one of the main CED publications - the EU Manual of Dental practice, under the guidance of a Board Taskforce.  The intern took part in the organization of several events, including the “One Health” conference in Warsaw and the CED General Meeting in Brussels.


The intern provides a crucial link between the CED and the European Dental Students Association, facilitating close collaboration of the two organisations. Bringing the students’ and young professionals’ point of view to the table is one of the main principles on which this cooperation relies and will work in the future.

For more information, please visit the CED website:

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