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Over 70,000 students

About EDSA

The European Dental Students’ Association (EDSA) is a non-for-profit and independent organization that is open to all local or national dental students' associations in the European region. It was founded in 1988 and currently represents more than 70,000 dental students from 182 dental schools in 35 different countries.


Our Objectives:

  • To inform dental students about EU organisation and politics in relation to dentistry

  • To defend and champion the interests of dental students

  • To foster collaboration on student-led projects

  • To develop and promote international networking and students exchanges

  • To connect different educational systems

  • To animate a globally active student community

  • To encourage national dental students associations to co-operate on an international level

EDSA aims to raise a constant “students’ point of view” in the national and international forum. We express European dental students’ opinions on educational, professional and social aspects of dentistry.


EDSA Delegate's Guide - 2023

Deed of Foundation 

Rules of Procedure

Code of Conduct

General Policy Plan 2022-2024

EDSA Meeting Guidelines 2023

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