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Honorary Lifetime Members

In recognition of their excellent work during their time in EDSA, the GA voted five new Honorary Lifetime Members: Daniela Timuş Linnea Borglin Amir Hoseini Diogo Caetano Stefano Aron Glisci

Honorary Lifetime Member is a certain individual, either a former member of the association or another individual who has been of exceptional and exemplary service to the association. Firstly, any official delegate can nominate an individual to be recognised as an honorary lifetime member at the GA. A nominee will be taken into consideration if the assembly agrees on starting the selection procedure. If the nominee is accepted for the selection procedure by an absolute majority vote, three individuals can volunteer to be a part of a Research team about the contribution in EDSA of the nominee. Then, the Research team presents their findings during the next GA. A final vote with a three-fourths majority will be taken to accept someone as an honorary lifetime member.

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