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EDSA has two General Assembly meetings every year, one during the spring and the other during the summer. The latter usually coordinates with the ADEE's (Association of Dental Education Europe) General Assembly meeting. 

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Call for applications

EDSA President-Elect


We would like to announce that we are opening a call for the EDSA President-Elect position for the term 2021/2022! President-Elect will be elected in the Spring meeting that will happen online on 12-24th April 2021 and will be mentored by the current President of EDSA to ensure a smooth transition to the next Executive. After his/her election, the President-Elect shall join the Executive during the Spring meeting as the future President of EDSA for the term 2021/2022.

In order to apply for the position you must send: 

  • a personal resume (CV)

  • a letter of intent addressed to the President of the Association, James Coughlan, to the email address: president@edsaweb.org with the subject: “ELECTION EDSA_President Elect 2021"


The deadline for the application is 31st of March 2021, 20:00 CEST.

According to the Constitution Chapter 3, Section 2, the conditions to apply are the following:

  • The applicants should be delegates of a EDSA Full or prospective member. 

  • The applicants should be dental students in undergraduate or postgraduate programs.

  • People who graduated up to one calendar year before are considered fit to apply provided they originate from a Full Member organization.

  • Applicants may apply for only one position, either in the Executive Committee or as an Officer.

  • Each country may have a maximum 2 representatives on the Executive Committee.

  • Applicants should be aware of the duties for the position they applied for.

  • If no individual has applied for a given position, any member may stand up and apply directly during the meeting without prior notice.

  • If an individual chooses to apply for the Executive without prior notice for a position for which an application has already been announced, he is considered an “alternative candidate” after the Assembly has authorized his application via a motion.

Should you have any question about the role or the election process, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Previous Meetings

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Strasbourg (FRA)

Summer 2018

Oslo (NOR)

Summer 2016

Barcelona (ESP)

Summer 2014

Riga (LVA)

Summer 2012

Lyon (FRA)

Summer 2010

Amsterdam (NDL)

Summer 2007

Dublin (IRL)

Summer 2003

Santiago De Compostela (ESP)

Spring 2020

Istanbul (TUR)

Spring 2018

Amsterdam (NLD)

Spring 2016

Coimbra (PRT)

Spring 2014

Košice (SVK)

Spring 2012

Thessaloniki (GRC)

Spring 2010

Bucharest (ROU)

Spring 2007

Amsterdam (NDL)

Summer 2002

Ljubljana (SVN)

Summer 2019

Berlin (DEU)

Summer 2017

Vilnius (LTU)

Summer 2015

Szeged (HUN)

Summer 2013

Birmingham (GBR)

Summer 2011

Antalya (TUR)

Summer 2008

Zagreb (HRV)

Spring 2006

Novi Sad (SRB)

Spring 1997

Bucharest (ROU)

Spring 2019

Kazan (RUS)

Spring 2017

Cardiff (GBR)

Spring 2015

Istanbul (TUR)

Spring 2013

Belgrade (SRB)

Spring 2011

Leeds (GRB)

Spring 2008

Varna (BGR)

Spring 2005

Valencia (ESP)


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