European Dental Students’ Association

58th Meeting EDSA & 23rd ANEO Congress in Barcelona, Spain

The European Dental Students’ Association and the Spanish Dental Students’ Association (ANEO) are inviting you to the 58th Meeting EDSA & 23rd ANEO Congress in Barcelona. The event will be divided in two different parts:

  1. The 58th EDSA Meeting: begins on the 21st of August, and finishes on the 24th of August (with the opening of the ADEE Congress). Assistants can participate in the 58th EDSA Meeting that gathers the Official Delegates of Europe. During this event,we will speak about the dental situation in each participating country. We will discuss all current issues in Dentistry such as the number of students, specialities, exchange opportunity, and other issues. If you chose package A, read more about theADEE Conference. 
  2. The 23rd ANEO Congressafter finishing the first part of the talk, we will then talk about more scientific matters related to the ANEO Congress (August 25-27th)During this part of the event, we will enjoy expositions presented by recognised National and International Doctors as well as having the opportunity to participate in various practical workshops to improve clinical skills. Also, you will have the opportunity to work in groups, thus improving communication, leadership and teamwork skills

As well as all of these things, we also have an exciting social program where we will be able to visit the most famous Barcelona tourist sights and attractions, during the day and night.


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