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What is EDSA and why should I join the organization?

European Dental Students Association (EDSA), headquartered in Dublin, Ireland is a non-profit, non-political organization with more than 65,000 members. Its mission is: (1) to support and represent dental students within the European Region, acting as their regional association within Europe; (2) to encourage and promote exchange programmes within Europe; (3) to create a platform for the formulation & exchange of students' thoughts, proposals & innovations and (4) to advance research, dental education, teaching methods and philosophy.

Who is eligible for EDSA membership?

Dental students all over Europe, member of local or national dental students association, can be eligible for EDSA membership.
Please read the full information about the different types of membership.

I am representing my dental students’ association, how do I apply for EDSA membership?

You should submit the following documents to the EDSA General Secretary: (1) Constitution of your dental students’ association in English language; (2) Letter of Intent - why would you like to become member of EDSA, signed by the President of the local/national dental students’ association. The letter should contain information about the number of members in the association; (3) Logo of your association and (4) Name of the Delegate that will represent your association in EDSA.

How long will it take to process my application?

You will receive a notification from the EDSA General Secretary once you sent all the documents that your application has been submitted. EDSA Delegates will be informed about the new membership application two weeks in advance before the next EDSA Meeting. An official representative has to attend next EDSA Meeting and hold a presentation with general information about your school and association. Afterwards, a voting takes place.

What is the difference between the EDSA full and observer membership?

As an EDSA full member you have the right of speaking and voting. EDSA observers can attend Meetings with the right to speak but without the right to vote.

Does EDSA membership lapse?

If no association representative attends four EDSA Meetings (two years), the full membership lapse and you will have to apply all over again.

How much are EDSA dues?

EDSA membership fee is incorporated in the Meeting registration fee.
€30 per delegate per Meeting are taken from every participant.
Since January 2007, full dues are not calculated per dental school or member association.

I would like to go and visit another dental school for an exchange, who should I contact?

One of the EDSA projects is the European Visiting Program, that gives you the possibility to go and visit another dental school for a limited period 1-3 weeks. In order to establish EVP, you have to contact the delegate of the school you would like to visit. The contact details are part of the EDSA Dental Guide Manual. You should be aware that not all dental schools are able to participate in this project.

When is the next EDSA Meeting?

The next EDSA Meeting is going to be April 12-18, in Istanbul, Turkey. For more information, go to the EDSA Meeting page.

What is the mailing address of the EDSA central office?

European Dental Students' Association, EDSA Headquaters, Dublin Dental School & Hospital, Lincoln Place, Dublin 2, Ireland.

How can I get more information?

For questions about EDSA membership, please contact EDSA General Secretary at
For questions about EDSA website, please contact EDSA Web Editor at

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