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Emina Kabil in Who’s Who in EDSA ’12-’13

What do you think of exploring new countries, living for a while in a new city, learning and observing in another dental faculty and meeting another dental students, teachers and professors? EDSA has been making it possible for a while with EVP programme. EVP stands for Exchange Visiting Programme. Within EDSA has this programme its own Office and Officer. Emina Kabil is elected as in charge of this office during the last EDSA meeting in Lyon, France. She is proceeding the work of Alina Rizea, the current vice-president of EDSA. Emina Kabil is an enthusiast and social lady. The international collaboration is of great importance for her. With all her abilities we believe that she is going to deliver a great job in the role of EVP Officer.

Emina Kabil is fifth year undergraduate student at School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb, Croatia.

“I heard about EDSA 2 years ago, when I joined Croatian Dental Students Association. At that time, Maja Sabalic, who was president of our association, was also president of EDSA. She was so enthusiastic about all EDSA projects that I wished to take part in some of them. My first EDSA meeting in Thessaloniki was a brand new experience. Experiencing different cultures, meeting new people and getting to know more about their methods of practicing dentistry motivated me to work harder.
To my mind international collaboration is of great importance. Through exchange programmes we can improve contacts between countries, build professional networks and create better cross-cultural understanding.  In the upcoming year I see myself motivating and helping dental students to take part in exchange visiting programme, so that we can increase flow of information and learn more about each other.”

Next in Who’s Who, Alina Rizea. Stay connected.

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