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How to become an EDSA Member?

EDSA has three classification of members of the association. These are as followed:

  • Full members
  • Observer members
  • Affiliated members
  • Honorary life members
  • Alumni

  • Dental Schools

Qualification of Full members

Full members shall be:

  • National Associations of Dental Students, which collectively represent the majority of dental students in a local association at school or faculties in a country.
  • An orgaization representing a minority of dental students in a country in which no national dental organisation exists, or where a larger national dental students association in the country does not want to affiliate to the Association.
  • Individual local dental student organizations in the countries where no national dental students union exists. These organisations shall be collectively admitted to the Association.
  • Dental schools in which no local dental organization exists.

Qualification of Affiliated members

Affiliated members shall be:

  • International organisations that represents or recently graduated dentists within Europe as some part of their activities.

Admittance to Honorary Lifetime membership

Honorary life members shall be:

  • Certain individuals, either former members of the Association, or other individuals who have been of great service to the Association. The conference of the Honorary Liftetime membership shall be at the discretion of the Assembly to recognize the work of these individuals who made a great contribution to the Association.

Qualification of Alumni

Individuals who have attended at least 3 EDSA meetings can be proposed for the status of Alumni by three full member countries. They are then given this status through a majority vote by the GA. As such Alumni may be invited to hold a presentation for EDSA delegates on their current area of interest/research at future EDSA meetings or congress.

Application of Membership (Full or Affiliated)

A letter of intent in writing shall be sent to the General Secretary of the Association in English by the responsible officer of the applicant organisation not less than one month prior to the meeting of the Assembly at which the applicant is to be considered.

The General Secretary shall notify all members of the Association regarding potential new members at least two weeks prior to the meeting. The application sent must be accompanied by a certified statement confirming that the organisation meets the requirements mentioned above and also by a current copy of the Constituition of the applicant organisation in English.

The Dental Schools applying for membership should send to the General Secretary only a letter of intent signed by the Dean and the students’ representative.

A presentation shall be held by the applicant about their organisation at the meeting for the Assembly of EDSA.

Membership fee is €30 per delegate per Meeting incorporated into the Registration fee. Join us now!

Click here for contact detail of EDSA General Secretary.

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